Brand Styling is the art of using type, colour, pattern, illustration and texture to communicate a carefully considered and highly intentional message.  A successful brand attracts your ideal clients and compels them to do business with you!  Brand styling involves more than just creating a logo. A well styled brand pulls together typefaces with the right persona, colours that resonate and communicate your values, patterns that add depth and flair and illustrative elements that express personality and style.


Any brand is a set of perceptions and images that represent a company, product or service. A brand is the essence or promise of what will be delivered or experienced.


Everyone wants a quality brand (well they should), what makes you stand out depends on how well you communicate your message. Finding uniqueness and usefulness in what you do, then communicating this to your target market. To be different, your message must not only be compelling (emotional) it must also be convincing (logical). Focus on your strengths (what you’re good at), pick a niche, and pinpoint exactly what makes you unique.


This is one of our specialties and involves creating your whole brand (not just a logo) using consistent colours, imagery, photographs and typography. I want you to LOVE and really own your style, something that you’re proud of and swoon over!  Once this foundation is created you can go on to the next fun stuff like social media, business cards, brochures, stickers and your website.  Over time, and with consistency, your brand will become recognisable and develop a presence all on it’s own.

Brand Stylist | Luxe Logo Design by Bo Paperly & Co. Studio


OK, take a deep breath and think about your business now and into the future.  Think about the vision you have and where you want it to take you, who is your ideal client and what you can do for them.

In the following form let’s capture the essence of this, what makes you special, and what your vision is for your gorgeous Brand…

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